my carrd ! x

rena !

she/her ☆ desi. minor. leo.

DNI! basic criteria. anti my faves (w/o reason). solo or akage stan. ship or sexualise idols. -12/+22.
BYF! i have anxiety. i use dc + insta most. please tw : sh, abuse, death.

✦ .ㅤ . ㅤ✦ . ㅤ ㅤ✦ .

FAVS! kpop bts (ult). twice. txt. loona. bibi. iu. seori. stayc. itzy. etc. western conan gray. mitski. sasha sloan. the weekend. animanga aot. your name. spy x family & more.

YES! painting. sleeping. photography. rain. blankets. kdrama. cats.

NO! bad wifi. crowds. fanwar. bugs. mintchoco. jumpscares. rude ppl.

MOVIES! rapunzel. about time. red notice. any studio ghibli movie.

SHOWS! sky castle. vincenzo. stranger things. 2521. aouat. pretty little liars